Cell Pay Price Increase

Cell Pay Price Increase


I want to personally thank your for being a customer of Cell Pay. Over the past year we’ve been working hard to improve our platform to create more value for the wireless stores and repair shops that use it. In April we launched Cell Pay 2.0, a redesigned site that continues to give retailers the ability to sell topus and refills online and by phone to their prepaid customers.

Over the past month we’ve rolled out several additional exciting features. We’ve added a full ecommerce management system (online store) that gives you a full scale site for selling physical products, similar to an Ebay or Amazon store. The ecommerce store gives you to ability to generate additional revenue selling products online through a private and customizable site.

Next, we’ve added a built-in point-of-sale software that integrates directly with Cell Pay. This POS can be integrated with your cash drawer and provides a great way to keep track of your customers as you sell at your store. Input inventory once and sell online and in your physical store.

Lastly, we’ve integrated Vidapay account connectivity that allows retailers to access higher airtime rates through your Vidpay account.

In an effort to continue to impove our platform and streamline our offering, we have decided to split the platform into 3 components: Cell Pay Phone, Cell Pay Online and Cell Pay POS. If you are currently using both parts of Cell Pay, your monthly fee will be set at $39.95 per month (Starting Sept 1st) and you will be provided with Cell Pay POS at no additional charge. Your monthly cost can be reduced to $19.95 buy selecting one of the products individually.

I invtie you visit https://GetCellPay.com to schedule a demo if you have more questions about 2.0 and I’ll personally conduct a screen share with you. I appreciate your consideration in using Cell Pay to increase you online sales revenue.



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