The 3 New Prepaid Technology Innovations Brought By CellPay In The Prepaid Industry

The 3 New Prepaid Technology Innovations Brought By CellPay In The Prepaid Industry

Like any other technology, prepaid technology has also seen a big shift within the recent years. Some of these have been impacting the consumer and business societies with full force. However, what we have seen so far doesn’t make the prepaid solutions easy. Thus, for this reason, CellPay has been launched to make a difference for the prepaid users. CellPay is an alternative payment solution for the prepaid industry. The basic intention so far has been to overcome the basic problems the general consumers and businesses face. Let us view the main reasons that can impact your money and also make transactions secure.

Why Is CellPay Important For Consumer And Business?

The main reason why we see every other business closing down is that they’re unable to generate sales. The drop-down in sales may be due to various reasons. But, the biggest issue is an easy and secure transfer of funds. This is a concern whether you’re looking for an intercity transaction, within country transfer or international handover of funds. The wire transfer comes with banking charges on top of the purchase along with a tough procedure and a time waste issue. Furthermore, online payment is also not secure because of misuse of credit or debit card numbers. Thus, CellPay has brought in the market a secure platform, where it is playing the role of abridging between businesses and its customers. The solution is for local and international transactions and allows the user to pay through a trusted source conveniently.

CellPay And Trusted Prepaid Innovations

Recent fraudulent activities have brought forward the worldwide transaction scams. Due to this, the retail industry has been suffering and is unable to generate revenue. The customers don’t have a trusted platform to pay for their purchase orders through their cell phones. For this reason, CellPay has brought forward the option to pay via cellphones. This enables the retailers and eCommerce stores to accept payment through cellphones, mobile apps, and text messages. Further, the customer is mentally relaxed to use a trusted platform to pay and purchase online. Big stores like and only generate PIN option for their consumers. But, with CellPay they get an easy option to directly top-up consumers via their phones. CellPay’s technology allows number validation with the carriers, and thus transactions become smooth.

Ultimate Marketing Assistance For Businesses

As of now, marketing has hugely costed the businesses. Almost half of their money is spent on marketing, and they still fail to get the desired results. Here CellPay can provide placebo cards or attractive POP for in-store marketing for businesses. This is a huge plus of customer retention is what you’re worried about. You can use SMS reminders via CellPay platform to market constantly. CellPay’s smart platform allows retailers to send SMS messages after 26 days as a reminder to auto-reload using a TEXT2PAY option, to go online, return to the store or signup for recurring payments.

Now Use Online Banner Ads Via CellPay

This is one of the most attractive features available that you can add to your retail websites and eCommerce stores. This allows your customers to come back, and easily signup for your services.
After implementing this marketing platform you’ll see a huge increase in top-up recurring by your customers. Almost 30% of consumers are registering for recurring payments as far as our stats show. Retailer chain stores are losing millions of dollars as they cannot bring the consumer back to their store, or they do not have a recurring payment feature on their website. Whereas, the CellPay platform will increase your retailers’ prepaid wireless business by almost 30-to-40%.

The ALWAYS Available Customer Services

Customer support assistance with CellPay is available 24/7 and 365 days of a year. If you’re in retail or e-commerce business, this is a solution to sit back and relax. Now your customers don’t have to suffer in order to make a payment or confirm a sales order. The backup is to ensure that all transactions are made smoothly without countering any errors or confusions. CellPay is currently connected to Zprepay which in-turn is integrated with a major brand to pull fast pins or RTR. This major brand uses the CellPay domain, which is custom branded for its retailers. This allows swift product setup, commissions, ACH, Credit Card processing and much more.

Successful Business Comes With Solutions

Ultimately, if you’re on top of your marketing, customer support services, and options – you’ll be unstoppable. The main attraction for a customer is to get instant assistance when they think about making a purchase or ordering online. If you also provide them the easy transaction support, there will be nothing to overrule the promise of better revenue and ROI. Being in business and having the latest technology edge allows a comfort for you as well as your customers. As of now, CellPay is offering services to 186 countries and is still continuing to provide better services. CellPay’s new innovation is a developed self-service Kiosks for easy top up or signup for auto reload. This feature is another plus for retailers and their in-store marketing. Write to us if you’ve something to add to this revelation and if you’re using CellPay for your customers.

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