Why CellPay Is The New Trend? Message From CEO, Parvez Jasani

Parvez Jasani, The Man Behind Innovation In Prepaid Technology


No company is able to succeed within days of its launching. There are thousands and thousands of things involved when it comes to establishing a startup. Every startup needs brains that can think out of the box, and ensure to get it succeeded. Same is the case with Pervez. He has the brilliance to set things apart and also get them to succeed. Shying away from hard work is not something written in his diary. Pervez Jasani comes with a degree in B.tech computer science and has done his masters in sales and marketing. He has been and is still an industry leader with over 15 years of experiences in IT and Telecom industry. He is a successful entrepreneur holding a position of Group CEO handling multiple ventures like Emphibions Inc., Zprepay Inc., and Prepaidstop Inc.


What Makes Parvez Jasani Lead?


Hard Work, dedication, and consistency OBVIOUSLY. But above all this, he is also a multidimensional personality. This charms his followers and clients, as they know they can trust someone who excels in every field of life. In terms of corporate experience, his core success area’s includes business development, business operations, project management, vendor management, product development, distribution and channel sales management. All of this is upbeat in mobile money ecosystems and its integration into existing economies. And, Parvez Jasani has left no stone unturned in his quest to bring innovation. His ventures also include Worldwide product management for Z Prepay, brand relationship management, and new brand relationship acquisition as well.


A Man With An Action Plan


“I’m responsible for being the head of a very fast growing organization, working with an amazingly smart and dedicated individual. I enjoy being able to build products and services that enhance people’s lives in the ecosystem of wireless and the financial services. There is nothing that can stop or hold me when I start out a new venture. Particularly, if that set of new innovation helps people, I’m more of a doer,” adds Parvez Jasani happily. He knows how to be a leader of IT, and still stay down to earth for his community. People like Parvez tend to live and think smartly. This is not something they can easily compromise on. They keep gearing speed because they know that whatever they create will be a help and benefit together.


Being In Fast 100’s List Is Not His Only Win

Fast 100 Award Parvez Jasani & His Wife.

Parvez Jasani hails from a mindset to create and be the CHANGE. He is the brain behind transforming Z Prepay Inc. It is a Stafford-based prepaid mobile processing company and now stands in the Fast 100’s list just because of Parvez Jasani. “Being an industry leader for the past 15 years, I know how the technology can shape and make my ideology work. But, I’m not concerned only for growth alone. I want to build things that can automatically shape the future,” adds Jasani purposefully. Parvez wants to evolve with each passing day into something people and commercial industry can relate to or count to for guidance.

Just because of his unstoppable hard work and dedication, the company’s revenue skyrocketed by 1,100 percent in 2010 and 2013. Due to this huge revenue, Inc. Magazine recognized it in its fastest-growing company list in 2013. And since then, things have only gone up for Parvez. Due to continuous efforts in developing something as big as Z Prepay, Parvez Jasani was able to land a tag on the Fast 100 List of Houston Business Journal.

Parvez Is A Family-Oriented Guy


If you thought that Parvez Jasani is only about work, work, and work – then you were wrong. He is a full-time family oriented guy as well. He has a beautiful wife and three smart kids. “No matter where I go or what I do, at the end of the day, it is my family I want to be a superhero for. But, when I looked at it from the community perspective, I thought that why not add the same fuel to my business ideas. You know, when you envision a new dream, you try to see how your family fits into it. So, as soon as I start working on something – I look at my family. If my idea will bring happiness on their face, it will definitely bring the same reaction out to others. This keeps my striving hard and delivering what is better in the technology field,” shares Parvez Jasani happily.


Every Business Size Matters To His Creations


“When I started working in the IT field, I realized that not all the products or services made cater every type of business. This was not something I like or wanted to pursue ever. Not every businessman comes with a golden spoon or a golden touch of Midas. There are thousands who work hard and still can’t afford to pay for a million dollar IT feature. Thus, for this reason, when I started building CellPay, and many more such helpful products – I always kept in mind to cater to every type of business. I want to make things, transactions, customer retention, better ROI – in short, every aspect included in each and every one of my product and service,” state Parvez Jasani ambitiously.


Hard Work Isn’t About Being Fatigued


With every new challenge Parvez shares that his energy increases ten-folds more. “This is something that kinds of work like a fuel for me. My brain is working even when I’m sleeping. And, nothing I say can change that part. I know what I want and how I want to build it. And when the idea and plan are clear – I just give it my 100% dedication. I face challenges, see failures – but nothing of this is able to damper my consistency and hard work. I believe in creating something that can help me declare it mine proudly. With CellPay, this is something I’m trying to achieve, and with each passing day, I feel happy to see something new. Now Prepaid industry can see new things, and I promise to make this transition as smooth as I can,” adds Parvez Jasani confidently.

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