Cell Pay Payments and Subscription Changes

Cell Pay Payments and Subscription Changes

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Cell Pay Updates

Cell Pay Payments and Subscription Changes


In an effort to streamline our payment process and to minimize errors, we will be switching from our current ACH payment company (Bank of America) to DWOLLA ACH.  This allows us to easily payout commissions to our Cell Pay users through email.  Once we initiate a payment you would be notified by email that you have money waiting in Dwolla’s system.  After entering your banking details (a 2 min process), you will be able to draft the funds to your bank account.  If you already have a Dwolla account and it is configured to automatically deposit any transfers in your bank account then you won’t need to worry about the previous step.

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We eliminating sending paper checks as an option for receiving commission payouts.  Therefore all check recipients will also be migrated to the Dwolla ACH option unless you specify that you would like to be moved to the Paypal payout option.


Over the course of the next month we will be migrating Cell Pay users from our current recurring billing system to the Chargebee subscription management system.  This will allow you to easily upgrade your $19.95 plan to the $119.95 plan. The new system will also allow you to easily update your card/payment details or cancel your account. We will cancel your current recurring billing method 2 weeks before payment is due and send a payment request email to you from Chargebee.  If your payment details are not updated in Chargebee’s system, this will delay your commission payout for that month.


Jibril Sulaiman
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