The All-in-One Push Payments Platform.

Empowering Payments with Just an Email Address or Phone Number.
At CellPay, we're excited to introduce our revolutionary push payments platform, designed to make sending payments easier and more accessible than ever before. With CellPay, you can effortlessly disburse payments using just an email address or phone number, without any hassle, percentages, or hidden fees.

Why Choose CellPay?

Easy to Receive:

Our platform supports a variety of flexible deposit options, allowing recipients to choose the method that best suits their needs. No signup required – simply enter the necessary information at the time of deposit, and our tokenized platform ensures the safety and security of your financial data.

Real-Time Payments:

Experience the convenience of real-time payments with CellPay. Deposit funds directly to your bank account in less than 60 seconds using our cutting-edge real-time payments solution.

Printed Checks:

For those who prefer traditional methods, CellPay allows you to print a physical check and deposit it using your banking mobile app or in person at a local branch or ATM.

Virtual Cards:

No bank account? No problem! With CellPay’s virtual cards, you can accept funds in seconds and use them just like a debit card, without needing a bank account.

Our Mission

At CellPay, we're not just revolutionizing payments; we're also addressing the issue of underbanked and unbanked individuals. Our platform provides financial inclusion and empowerment to all, ensuring that everyone has access to convenient and secure payment solutions.