Now Accept Boost Mobile Payments with CellPay

Now Accept Boost Mobile Payments with CellPay

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Cell Pay Updates – Boost Mobile

Now Accept Boost Mobile Payments with CellPay —- Now Enabled!

We’ve now enabled Boost Mobile Payments in your Cell Pay profile.  What does this mean? You can now accept Boost Mobile payments 24 hours a day and our system will now automatically apply the payment to the customer’s account.  In the past our system could only accept the payment and then notify you to apply the payment.  This has now been changed!

What do you earn?

Boost Mobile is still considered one of out “Non-Standard” carriers, therefore you will not directly earn a commission discount, however you will earn a flat per transaction fee of $0.50 per payment on the $19.95 Cell Pay subscription.

If you are on the $119.95 monthly “You Keep the FEE” Subscription you will earn a $2 convenience fee per payment or what ever amount you decide on Boost Mobile and all other carriers.

If you are the dealer that activated the account you WILL continue to receive your follow me discount in addition to a portion or all of the convenience fee. 

For more information about upgrading to the $119.95 subscription on or learning more about collecting Boost Mobile payments you can reach our Dealer Relations Coordinator, Nuavia Stewart at [email protected]

Please also visit our new knowledge base at