What’s Cell Pay? 

It’s an eCommerce platform that gives you (the wireless retailer) the ability to accept prepaid wireless payments 24/7 (you might call the payments “refills”, “toups” or “recharges”).  That means if your customers can’t make it back to the store or you’re closed, they will still be able to make a payment by using your mobile app, phone hotline, web site or text2pay number (same as phone hotline#) and you’ll received credit (profit) from the sale. Our systems automatically validates the phone number with the carrier and loads the pin #, so we handle it all!  
Soon you’ll be able to sell your in-store inventory (phones, accessories & more) through your Cell Pay mobile app or website. You’ll also have the opportunity to offer products you may not carry in-store using one of our affiliated drop-shipping distributors. 

Mobile App

You’ll receive a customized iPhone and Android app for your store. The app will be branded with your logo and contact info for your store.
**App provided by Aw Snapp

Payment Hotline

This is a local, virtual phone number that customers can call 24/7 to refill their accounts. The payment hotline is tailored with your store’s name so customer know who they are calling.


After your customers makes their 1st payment, they can make future payments by texting the word “PAY” to the number of your payment hotline. After replying “YES to the confirmation message the payment is complete.


A website is provided with your store’s logo and contact info. For example https://xyzwireless.cellpay.us You can forward a custom url to it for more convenience.

Monthly Pricing

  • Affiliate Plan

  • $ 39.95

    per month

  • 30 Trial / Free Setup
  • One Flat Monthly Cost
  • Pay Sell adds a $2 convenience fee per payment
    (charged to customer)
  • Get Paid By 15th of Following Month
  • Pay Sell Accepts Payment Using Our CC Merchant Processor
    & Provides Pin # from our Airtime Account
  • Sign Up Now
  • -You Keep the Fee- Plan

  • $ 139.95

    per month

  • Free Setup (NO TRIAL)
  • One Flat Monthly Cost
  • You keep (or waive) the convenience fee

  • Receive Funds Daily
  • You Connect Your Own CC Merchant Processor & Airtime Account

  • Sign Up Now


Number Validation

Automatically validates the phone number with the carrier & prevents wrong numbers from being entered.


Last Payment Info – Prompts customers to pay with their last credit card entered, if it is available.

Auto Pin Loading

Cell Pay will automatically load the pin number on the subscriber’s account. Once the payment is made that’s it!

Auto Pay

Automatically refill your customers’ accounts each month 

Reminder Texts

Cell Pay automatically sends a reminder text to the customer – 26 days after his/her last payment.

Commission Reports

See a breakdown of the discounts earned on a daily basis, by carrier, in your admin reporting login.

Confirmation Text

Customer receives a confirmation text; containing the pin number and transaction ID.

Transaction Email

Receive an email for every successful or unsuccessful transaction that occurs through your refill system.



iPhone and Android App for your Wireless Store

Welcome Cell Pay User! As part of your subscription you are provided with an Android and iPhone app to provide to your prepaid wireless subscribers. We’ve partnered with AWSNAPP.CO to provide you with the latest DIY platform for building out your own custom app. If you don’t want to take […]

28 April 2015 0

Reminder–Cell Pay ACH Commissions with Dwolla

Provided By Pay Cell Systems ACH PAYOUTS Reminder–Cell Pay ACH Commissions with Dwolla In February we sent out an email notifying all Cell Pay users that we were switching the way we perform payouts for ACH and Check recipients. Starting in March we began sending ACH and Check payments through […]

4 April 2015 0

Cell Pay Success Demo

  Start accepting payments with Cell Pay in no time by scheduling your introductory call with Troy, your Customer Success Manager. Learn to make $2K this month from refills! Hi [FirstName] thank you for Subscribing to Cell Pay! In the coming days I’ll be your go to person for tips, […]


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